Top 05 Best Linear Switches: An Expert Guide

best linear swtichesLet’s face the necessity of the best linear switches for your dream mechanical keyboard.

A perfect linear switch can change the experience of your keyboard. For the buttery-smooth, stable experience that makes a deep pleasing sound, you are here to choose your linear switches

I have listed some of the best linear switches to help you choose the right one. 

Here is a quick overview :

  1.  Cherry MX Black
  2. Gateron Yellow
  3. Cherry MX Speed Silver
  4. Gateorn Ink Black
  5. Novelkeys Cream

You are here because you want to customize your mechanical keyboard, as like switches – keycaps also play a vital role in that. If you are interested I wrote a blog about (13 Best Keycaps: An Expert Guide for Buyers ) you may find this helpful and I love to hear back from you.

1. Cherry Mx black: Most Durable Switches

cherry-mx-black-linear swtich

Cherry Mx is well known for its extreme durability and consistency. It has a tag of the most durable switches. So it has up to 100 million keystrokes.

Although it has a downside, Cherry Mx linear switches are slightly scratchy which can ruin the experience.

2. Gateron Yellow: Best Budget Linear Switches

Gateron Yellow: Best Budget switch

Let’s say you are searching for switches that will provide not only the best typing experience but also fits your budget, these switches are made for you

And if you are new to linear switches, it’s where you can start your journey. All the linear switches from Gateron can be found in different colors such as Red, Yellow, and black, so you have some options.

As I mentioned earlier this is the most affordable linear switch, so if possible for you find them at the most affordable price (check price )


3. Cherry MX Speed Silver: Best Linear Switches for Gaming


As we are getting deeper, Gaming should be on the table.

Talking about gaming you might consider between Tactile switches and Linear switches, but that’s the story of another article Tactile switches vs. linear Switches.

I wrote blog about Tactile Switches (05 Best Tactile Switches For Your Mechanical Keyboard). If you are interested you can go through it

As per my research linear switches are the best for gaming. It gives a smooth and consistent performance and a reliable gaming experience.

A shorter distance, this switch will be slightly faster than the other options on the list. This can give you a millisecond or two advantage over the competition. So it’s possible to get a faster reaction with this switch.

When it’s about gaming, I hope this will be used for gaming purposes, otherwise, the style will be a drawback if you use this for typing. To be honest it won’t make you a pro by giving extra privilege, as a consequence it will impact less than a percentage of your gaming experience


4. Gateron Ink black: The Best Linear Switch for the Smoothest Feel


Gateron Ink black is one of the most popular options, so it needs no introduction. Gateron switches are made to give the most premium experience, the black ink is made with different types of plastic for a smoother experience.

The smoky black housing and jet-black stem give the switch a very attractive aesthetic look. It comes also at an affordable price (check price)

5. Novelkeys Cream: Best Linear Switch For the Sound

Novelkeys Cream

For me, this switch provides the most pleasing sounds.

Every time you press the key it will give you awesome feedback that will make your day. The sound is so good to hear.

If you are an enthusiast this option may be perfect for making a custom mechanical keyboard. The switch you will find a little bit scratchy but as you use the switch more and more, the self-lubricating design allows it to smoothen out.

If you are interested in this switch you may check the price (check price)


What is the hardest linear switch?

The Gateron Black Switch is one of the hardest linear switches.

According to the official website, it can look up to 60 gf, which is the highest amongst those linear switches.


What are the fastest linear switches?


Razer Red Optical Switch and the Cherry Speed Silver are the best choices in this discussion. I already talked about the Cherry Speed Silver. It’s the best linear switch for providing the most satisfying gaming experience.


Are linear switches faster than tactile switches?

Key-switch type

As I mentioned before linear switches travel less distance in a short time.

On the other hand, some articles say the tactile switches are more resistant than the linear switches, which indicates that Linear switches are perfect for gaming.



At the end of Top 05 Best Linear Switches for Your Keyboard: I went through all the basic steps to give you a rough idea of getting the best linear switches.

Now choosing the one that will fit your perspective completely depends on your own choice.

I recommend you don’t think too much about going for one, then who knows it can be your hobby.

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