Best Keycap Profile Guide for Mechanical Keyboard in 2024

Best Keycaps Profile for Mechanical Keyboard in 2024

Let’s face the necessity of a keycap profile for your mechanical keyboard.

The keycap profile on a mechanical keyboard may impact your typing comfort and speed.

It’s important to choose the right type of keycap profile that will be best for you and your work.

No matter if you’re a typist, gamer, or productivity professional, you must have a good keyboard with the best keycaps profile that matches your preferences, which will provide haptic feedback on every click.

Keycap Profiles Explained

different keycap comparison

SA: These are tall, with a spherical shape. They seem to have high-profile keycaps and a unique sculpted shape, which gives off the vibe of old typewriters back in the 19th century. They also produce a thumping sound.

At 16.5 mm, keycaps are among the tallest you can find on the market. These high-profile keycaps feature an angled, contact-top shave and a sculpted row shape. Due to their height, they might not be a comfortable option. They are not suitable for speed.

DSA: This one is quite popular among a particular group of gamers because it promises to give a consistent feel across all keys.

They are 7.6 mm tall, so they are a good option if you prefer the speed offered by the low-profile keycaps.

OEM: The OEM and cherry are similar to each other; the only difference between these two is that the OEM is slightly taller. Both of them are very common and can be found in prebuilt mechanical keyboards.

It is 11.9 mm tall and has angled tops. That combination makes these sculpted keycaps ideal for typing, gaming, and general productivity.

Cherry: Cherry is one of the most popular keycaps on the market. They have a unique shape and design that is comfortable for typing and gaming.

Before getting your keycaps, you have to see where they will be used. If you have a high-profile board, then you might avoid high-profile keycaps. This combination may cause harm to your wrist.

At 9.4 mm in height, it strikes an attractive balance between comfort, accuracy, and speed. They are popular with writers, eSports gamers, and productivity professionals who demand high performance from the mechanical keyboard.

Types of Keycap Profile: Quick Comparison

keycap profile comparison

screenshot from daskeyboard

Exploring Unique Keycap Profiles


While Cherry, OEM, and other popular profiles dominate the scene, many manufacturers offer exciting alternatives. Here are a few to pique your interest:

NP Profile: Flat as a pancake, but with rounded edges for comfort! This uniform profile promises excellent grip and is ideal for frequent typists who prioritize speed and smoothness.

DOM Profile: Not just for looks! While often used in visually stunning artisan keycaps, the DOM profile also boasts a unique sculpted design. Perfect for those who seek a balance between aesthetics and ergonomics.

DSS Profile: Sculpt your way to typing bliss! This sculpted profile is carefully crafted for touch typists, offering an intuitive layout that promotes accuracy and comfort.

Asa Profile: A hybrid hero! Blending the height of OEM with the spherical shape of other profiles, Asa strikes a balance between familiarity and comfort. Perfect for those who want a unique, yet not entirely foreign, typing experience.

Remember, this is just a glimpse into the diverse world of keycap profiles. With a little exploration, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your fingers and typing style!

Keycap Profile: Keycaps Compatibility

Before getting your keycaps, you might check their compatibility with your keyboard. You should make sure that you’re getting the right keycaps for your keyboard layout.

You should also consider that your keycap switches may fit your keycaps because I hope you don’t want a new set of keycaps that costs so much research and your valuable money doesn’t even fit in your keyboard.

Keycap Profile: Extra keycap features

The profile isn’t the only consideration.

keycap-matterial : pbt-vs-abs

Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) are the most common keycap materials on the market. PBT keycaps tend to be more durable and expensive than ABS keycaps.

RGB for mechanical keyboard

Backlighting: If you have a keyboard that has a backlight, you probably don’t want those keycaps that won’t let your RGB lighting shine through. Double-shot keycaps can solve this problem.

keycap profile - tactile feel

Tactile feel: You will find some keycaps that have a smooth, glossy finish, while others have a textured, matte finish. I think you should keep in mind how the keys look and feel when you type.

This should be part of the consideration that the keycap profile you choose has a significant effect on your daily life. Different types of keyboard profiles have different comfort zones and accuracy.

Which keycap will be best for you depends on your personal preferences. If you are a person who considers only the factor of speed, I suggest you choose low-profile keycaps, which will help you in your arena.

On the other hand, if you want accuracy and ergonomics, then the sculpted profile is a good choice for you.

But if I give you my personal opinion, if you want to rock in both worlds, you should consider getting a medium-profile keycap with sculpted rows. Again, if you want to optimize your daily performance but you’re not sure which type of keycap profile will be right for you, then you might check to compare each keycap.

Or, you can skip the whole research process and get a keyboard that will likely have the popular OEM keycap profile.

Keycap Profile: Keycap Shape

Ever wondered why some keyboard keys feel more comfortable than others? It’s all about the shape! Keycaps come in various forms, each affecting feel, reach, and comfort. Let’s dive in.

keycaps comparison

Angled: Imagine tiny ramps! These keycaps tilt forward or backward, guiding your fingers for better ergonomics and reach, especially on the outer rows.

Concave: Picture mini bowls for your fingertips! Spherical keycaps, popular in the past, had these indentations. Cylindrical versions took over, offering similar comfort with a more modern touch.

Rounded: Think smooth domes! These often appear on decorative keycaps, adding a unique feel but not always being ideal for extensive typing.

Flat: These are the flatlands of the keyboard world, commonly found on chiclet-style keyboards. While simple, they may not offer the best comfort for long typing sessions.

This is just a taste of the keycap world. Experiment and find your perfect match!

Keycap Profile: Row Shape

Keycaps come in two main row shapes: flat and sculpted, each with distinct pros and cons.

Flat (uniform): Imagine a smooth plain. All keys are the same height and shape, offering a minimalist aesthetic and effortless finger glides across the keyboard.

Sculpted: Think rolling hills! Each row has a unique height and shape, creating a contoured landscape. This intuitive design lets your fingers instinctively find the right keys, leading to greater accuracy and typing speed.

Most gaming and mechanical keyboards favor sculpted keycaps for their blend of speed and accuracy. Remember, the perfect choice depends on your personal preferences and typing style. So, explore both options and find your keyboard’s sweet spot

Which keycap profile is best for typing?


A shorter height can produce great feedback, which can help you during long periods of typing and gaming sessions. As a result, there is a low risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome or other wrist pain.

When you are looking for the best keypads for your daily use, you should select a keycap set that is easy to type and reduces the distance that the finger must stretch to reach each key. 

My recommendation is the Cherry Profile, which is highly popular for typing purposes.

Which keycap profile is best for gaming?

keycaps for gaming

When it’s about gaming, you have to choose carefully. For example, surface texture, appearance, area, dimensions, and distance from other keys are the most crucial parts to pay attention to.

Those elements mentioned above must be considered when you are selecting the best keycap for your gaming setup. If we consider all of that, the only keycap profile that comes to mind is the Cherry MX keycap profile.

But if you want to improve your gaming performance, I suggest you choose a high-quality switch with the MX profile keycaps. And for sure, you will have a positive experience with that.

Which keycaps are right for you?

  • Speed Demon: Go flat! Your fingers will thank you for the effortless glide.
  • Touch Typist: Embrace the hills! Sculpted keycaps will guide your fingers with precision.
  • Comfort Seeker: Experiment! Some find sculpted layouts ergonomic, while others prefer the familiar flatness.

Is the Keycap profile switchable?

You can find keycaps in all sizes, shapes, and designs. You have to find out which keycap set will fit your mechanical keyboard.

You will notice the differences if you mix and match caps from those various profiles.

Does the keycap profile make a sound difference?

The feedback and the sound are different depending on which keycaps you are using.

ABS keycaps make more sound than PBT keycaps. So if you work in an office, you might not want to disturb your colleagues. Although it depends on you, it depends on user preferences.

Because some of my colleagues don’t get annoyed by those clicky sounds, I found out that they enjoy them!

ABS and PBT Which keycaps are better?

ABS vs PBT Keycaps Comparison

  1. PBT: PBT keycaps have a rough texture that provides a better grip, and the bright part is their resistance to oils and chemicals. As a result, they won’t develop a shiny, polished look.
  2. ABS: ABS keycaps tend to be prone to wear and tear and can develop a polished look over time. If you’re a budget buyer, ABS keycaps will be an option for you.

But if you want your keycaps to last longer and maintain their color, PBT keycaps are the winner!

What do double-shot and dye-sub mean?

When it comes to customizing your keyboard, keycaps reign supreme. But with two major printing methods: double-shot and dye-sub, here’s a breakdown of each:

Double-Shot: Double-shot keycaps are made by injecting two different colors of plastic into a mold. The first color is from the legend (the letter of the symbol), while the second color forms the keycap’s body.

Dye-Sub: It’s a process of printing the legends onto the keycaps using a heat transfer process. That technique creates a keycap by giving it a smooth, matte finish and a slightly raised legend.

Which one should I choose?

  1. Durability: A double-shot is your champion.
  2. Budget warrior: Dye-sub might be your budget-friendly
  3. Colorful: Dye-sub offers more vibrant hues.
  4. Aesthetics: Consider the subtle texture of dye-sub vs. the bolder look of double-shot.

Remember, the perfect choice depends on your priorities and typing style. Experiment, explore, and find the keycaps that sing your typing song!


Again, I am saying you should research a little bit before jumping into a keycap profile. Changing the keycaps for your mechanical keyboard is always exciting and challenging.

But I hope the end of Best Keycap Profile for Mechanical Keyboard in 2024 helped you consider the perfect keycaps for your mechanical keyboard. I have an article where I talk about the best keycaps (13 Best Keycaps for Your Mechanical Keyboard). If you’re interested, you can go through it.

If I missed something, let me know in the comments. I would like to hear back from you.

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