Mechanical Keyboard Guide 2024: 06 Key Factor For Buyers

Mechanical Keyboard: 06 Key Factor For Buyer’sLet’s face the necessity of a mechanical keyboard.In the current market, there are thousands of mechanical keyboards. But choosing the best mechanical keyboard for your desk setup is very hard.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that uses physical, spring-loaded switches beneath the keys to register each key press. As a programmer the mechanical keyboard you will choose needs to end up with macro-programmable keys and its switches not only feel light but also responsive.

What are those 06 factors for a perfect mechanical keyboard?

1. Switch Type 2. Keycap Material 3. Compatibility 4. Size/Layout 5. Connectivity 6. RGBMechanical Keyboard Guide 2024: 06 Key Factor For Buyer’s Here I added the embedded code, It will be an honor if you share this on your site.

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 1. Mechanical Keyboard Key switch type

switch-typesThere are three types of switches on the market.
  • Linear switches: It feels so smooth at the time it’s being pressed from top to bottom.
  • Tactile switches: I have noticed a bump through the keypress, it gives you feedback that you are using a mechanical keyboard.
  • Clicky switches: Kind of similar to tactile switches but this time it adds a clicky sound that matches the tactical bump, here’s where the noisy part comes in.
But for gaming, I like light linear switches which are Cherry MX speed Slivers – compared to its light to force and well known for its quick action. I repeat it’s for gaming so it’s a bit noisy like a 19s typewriter so it’s not recommended for office work.

  2. Mechanical Keyboard Keycap material

keycap-matterial : pbt-vs-absMaterial of Keycaps tend to be made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) or PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), two different types of plastic Cheaper ABS keycaps are tend to thinner and sound louder when I type; they’re also prone to wear and to become smooth and shiny with use. Keycaps made of PBT tend to be more expensive but are thicker and more durable for long use. There’s a lot more to talk about keycaps, if you are interested in that I suggest you check my blog about ( 13 Best Keycaps: An Expert Guide for Buyer’s )I made an infographic for 06 key factors of a perfect mechanical keyboard to give an interactive visualization for my visitor.I made another article that covers up best mechanicals for programmers (Expert Guide To Purchase Mechanical Keyboard For Programmers). So if you are interested in it you can check it

 3. Mechanical Keyboard: Compatibility

As we know mechanical keyboards have much flexibility for a spin with either Mac or Windows. So there won’t be any issue based on whatever your operating systems are. In my observation, keyboards are usually compatible with Mac or Windows setups. In the field of layouts optimized for each OS, or even extra keycaps to switch between the two mechanical keyboards are the best. Even if your keyboard doesn’t have a dedicated switch, no worries! On Mac, it’s super simple to remap keys and swap their functions in the System Preferences. Drag, drop, done.

 4. Mechanical Keyboard: Size/layout

keyboard layout sizeMechanical Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes these days – it can get confusing trying to tell them apart! The most popular options are the Full-Size with 104 keys, the more compact TKL (TenKeyLess) with 87 keys, and the ultra-portable 60% keyboards with 68 keys.

5. Wired And Wireless

wired and wireless My recommendation is Logitech G G915 TKL. It can also plug in and go wired if needed.logitech-g915-tklIts battery can last for 40 hours with 100% brightness. That way if the wireless gets finicky or your battery runs low, you have a backup. Because let’s be honest – as cool as wireless sounds, a lot of these keyboards still drain faster than we’d like. Just be picky and make sure your wireless works flawlessly. Or have the option to hard wire it, for those days when you need the wireless freedom but not the headaches.

6. RGB Lighting

RGB for mechanical keyboardIf you wanna get fancy with rainbow RGB lighting Razer BlackWidow Elite is one of the best. Programmable colors are awesome! But all those disco lights usually empty up your pocket, customization ain’t cheap! For me, either plain white or RGB would be fine. But no random colors unless you’re going for some funky retro vibe.Keep it classy or make it a programmable party on your desk – your choice!


At the end of 06 key factors for a perfect mechanical keyboard: It’s very hard to choose, but I hope I helped with my infographic. On my site, I wrote many articles about keycaps and switches that are related to the mechanical keyboard. You can check it.I would like to hear back from you, don’t forget to comment down below. It will be an honor to reply to your valuable comment
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